Sewing Tip – Free Easy Princess Dress Pattern

Myra at So Sew Easy says “Little girls often want to feel like princesses and I always got true enjoyment of watching my girl wearing a costume I have made. For moms or grandmothers with similar requirements, here’s is an easy one. I have lined it because the netting could become itchy around the armhole….

The Latest Thread ~ LaCartera Kids and R&R

More Inspiration for LaCartera Kids! Since it’s official that my darling grand-daughter will arrive in July, this grandma has started crocheting an adorable blanket for her to enjoy for years to come.  I have settled on the colors with help from mom, but I don’t have a final design in mind so I’ve been testing out some simple but different looks….

LaCartera Kids – Crochet Aviator Hat- Free Pattern

I found the cutest crochet aviator hat on Pinterest and the free pattern by Repeat After Me!  I had to give it a whirl and make it for my grandson.  It was the perfect time to get started on this pattern when he came to visit for Thanksgiving . I got to fit the shell on his…

Little Girls Handbag – Tutorial

The perfect handbag accessory for a little girl that will complete her outfit during those special occasions! Somewhere we lost the classic fashion accessory for little girls 2-4yrs old.  I remember my little white gloves and my little handbag and shoes that matched my dress, but times have changed! Here’s a quick 40 min tutorial on how to glam up a little girls…

Baby Style – Pajama Pants and Matching Bunny

I had a busy weekend spending time with my grandson and making him  fleece pajama pants and a matching bunny! This weekend reminder of how I used to multitask during nap time.  During the his first nap I made his pajama pants and started on his bunny.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of each step, but I got the…

Spotlight- LaCartera Kids Model

Well my grandson is finally here and has had a chance to snuggle with his sleepy boo-boo blanket.  He’s so adorable that after I took pictures of him I wanted to snuggle too, so it’s been really tough to continue with this blog-post. His great-grandmother knitted this beautiful blanket that’s absolutely gorgeous, I think I need her to knit a scarf or…

Photo of the day! Ms. Ellie

The Photo of the Day is of Ms. Ellie enjoying her new blanket! Stay tuned there’s more to come from La Cartera!

Photo of the day!

The baby hat and slippers are complete!  I did learn how to make a rose for the hat to add a special touch. Now I need to deliver this set to its new home.   I hope mommy will be happy. Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!

Monkey Business- Crochet Blanket Tutorial with Crochet Monkey Applique

I’ve been monkeying around with a crochet monkey applique. Some of you are interested in the techniques I use to create my crochet blankets and crochet appliques’.  So I decided to make a general tutorial of this Toddler size blanket (53 inches wide x 46 inches length) and I included a photo video of the applique process. Now you can recreate this adorable…

Photo of the Day!

Here’s the photo of the Day!  Multitasking….enjoying the outdoors and starting another baby blanket!   Stay Tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!