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 Do you have a helpful sewing tip that has saved you time, money & frustration ?

Share your tip or product review for a featured spot.

All entries will link to the author’s blog.

Here’s how to share your tip:

  1. Please share your own original blog post.  It must be free information, and not associated with any commercial sites, or linked to your shop to purchase supplies or finished products.
  2. The post should include instructions and photos of how your tip is used.
  3. Your post should link to a work/family friendly site
  4. Please only submit your tip once
  5. All entries  must be in submitted in English

I will feature one submission weekly.  Depending on the number of sewing tips received.

By sharing your post you are authorizing me to post one of your pictures and a few sentences from your blog post, which will link directly to your blog.

Please read the rules before adding your link:

Thank you so much for sharing your sewing tip or sewing product review.  Please grab a button!

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Thank you again!


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