Sewing Tip – Why you Need a Punch Plier in Your Sewing Kit!

Have you struggled with punching holes in your sewing or craft project?

If SEW the Strengthened Punch Plier is just what you need in your sewing kit! If you apply rivets, snaps, studs, or need to start holes in thick layers of fabric or other craft projects you may want to look at this a little closer.   With this revolving hole punch you can pierce perfect size holes through four layers of fabric, linings, thick interfacing , leather, and other craft projects too!

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(*Amazon affiliate links are in this post and if you decided to purchase a punch plier I will receive a small commission.)

I initially bought this plier on Amazon to punch holes in leather so that I could create straps for my handbags, but I noticed that the revolving hole sizes were perfect for other projects as well.  This punch has saved me so much time and frustration especially when I want to make a hole through layers of fabric and interfacing to attach the straps, and it comes in handy when I need an opening for a stud or rivet!

Punch Plier - LaCartera
I purchased and used this punch on a folded leather strap to test the durability.

The pliers come with a little screw driver to adjust and tighten the revolving wheel and an extra plate .


I have a couple of pliers that I use to apply studs and snaps and the tool on the left was how I created the opening.  Now I use the hole punch pliers to create the perfect size hole in my project so that I can apply the studs or snap with the pliers. I’m sure this would be helpful to those of you that use these pliers often or have them in your sewing kit!


Here’s a look at my first handmade adjustable buckle handbag strap using the punch plier which didn’t take a lot of time and effort.  It’s woodstock-coveras easy as using a hand-held paper hole punch.  You only need to focus on your measurements for your hole spacing.  I created a template with construction paper punched and marked the holes with a pencil  so that they were placed exactly where I needed them before I used the punch on my leather.  There’s no defeated feeling like making a mistake when you’re nearing the end of your project!

I also punched holes in the thick upholstery fabric showed here to attach the strap to the handbag with screw rivets and added studs as stabilizers to have an even distribution of stress on the strap. Since I don’t have an industrial sewing machine the best part is that I didn’t need to sew through the leather and fabric to attach the strap around the zipper!  Then it was time to do the Happy Dance!!

After using the punch pliers I can say that I’ve saved so much time and frustration trying to pierce through layers of fabric and I thought that you would appreciate this tool too! I’ve added some links listed on *Amazon for you to view that have slightly different punch styles. You can click on the photos below to read  more about the different products which cost between $10-$20 . More styles are available with extra features, but I’ll let you decide on the one that’s perfect for you!


This was the perfect investment for me and I hope you find it useful too!  I will share more tools and other time-saving techniques in the weekly sewing tip segment.  So stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!

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  1. This is a great idea, Sheila 😀
    I have one of this kind, not exactly same model, but I have used it to many other things too.

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    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you, Irene! I’m never letting this tool I’m even considering looking for the extra plates now, before I need them.

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