The Latest Thread~ Creative Projects

This month we are creating new textile designs, new products, and treasured gifts for the family! There are still things to do to get the business up and running so, we love those moments when we can create!

Textile Designs

So much fun with this design and I had plenty of help from my 3-year old grandson! He helped with the color selection and the monster shapes. I can’t wait to create something special for him using this pattern. Maybe a pillow or a tank top would remind him of the fun we had creating this pattern. I’ve entered this in the Boy Wonder Spoonflower challenge and named it “Monster Commotion”.

Monster Commotion

Spoonflower voting remains open until July 9th! Don’t be surprised if you see other monster patterns too!

Here’s a look at the next design entry for the “Limited Palette” Spoonflower challenge this week. The colors remind me of the Fall season. I have a couple of ideas below, but I’m still working on ways to brighten up the design.

Butterfly Moss

Leather Projects

So It’s been a while since I’ve worked with leather and had to refer to my past sewing tips on how to sew with leather. I’ve been using the embroidery machine to create some lovely floral designs that will create some additional texture. The embroidery design takes 45 mins to an hour to create, but there is something about watching the machine do the work that keeps you transfixed.

Here’s a look at the leather pieces ready to create a wristlet prototype. This really keeps me thinking and creating. I like this idea, but I’m looking forward to creating some larger tote bags too!

I guess I’ll keep this one for myself. I wish I had cut the panel in half before I embroidered it, because you can’t sew over the embroidery work. Cutting the panel in half will make it easier to handle and sew around the zipper. The D-Rings I have on hand are large so I couldn’t finish the strap. I will order the small D-Rings to finish the strap, but I think I’m back to square one on this project.

Creating Handmade Gifts

The handmade gifts that warm your heart are made with Love!
Here’s a look at this little fellow enjoying his handmade playmat. I’m sure this little fellow will enjoy many hours of play on this one and I really love the photo!

We really love the feedback and can’t wait to share more. The smiles really warms our hearts!

Stay Tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!


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  1. Great ideas and nice bag, as you got out of the leather, Sheila šŸ™‚

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    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you! I’m still working on it.šŸ¤”

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