Spina Bifida AWAREness – Did You Know?

Here’s the weekly fact about Spina Bifida and see how you can support Team Twila with the Bowties & Bracelets Spina Bifida AWAREness Month Campaign! Also A Special Thank You Shout-out to those that have supported the cause.

October 16 at 8:39 AM ·
#DidYouKnow #FACTS This chart below shows the “WALKING ABILITY & LUMBAR LEVEL Stats(which is the location of the opening on your spine) of people born with Spina Bifida.
FOR ME…I’m L-3 to L-4. #iWalk and #iRoLL #Blessed This chart “kinda” describes my ability. I kinda sorta like ummm… hmmmm… ditched my “leg braces” after becoming an Adult. (my choice) 🤷🏾‍♀️
I would NOT recommend this IF you’re in your “wonder years” -aka- “a child”. Do what your docs/therapists/Parents say until further suggestions. 😉 However show them what you CAN DO! #RockYourABILITIES 😉
FOR ME… I “probably” could walk a little better and longer. However, I’m mentally comfortable with my abilities. Could I improve? Yes.. I guess. I do “practice” walking, standing and stretching so my body doesn’t tighten on me. (AGAIN…this is all “my choice”) I still get to where I wanna go or need to be. 😉 I got a #Need4Speed 😁 #MyLifeMyReality #MyPurpleBlazeLife 💜 #ImperfectlyPerfect 💪🏾 #TeamTWILA #BornSpinaBifidaSTRONG💪🏾 #365247Life #SpinaBifidaAwarenessMonth

This event is HAPPENING all October Long! Twila selected the XOXO pattern in teal for the bowties and we are donating 50% of the proceeds raised to support Team Twila and the Adults with Spina Bifida Meet-Up group in Washington, D.C.

Click on the links below to shop!

headban front

We’ve just added headbands to our Etsy Shop and they are ready to ship!

Pam Headband
Thank you, Pam for your support!

My Twisted Wrist made this bracelet to support Team Twila and it is perfect! I love it and couldn’t wait to buy. 

Twisted Wrist


Twisted Sister



The bowties are  available in the Etsy Shop and ready to ship! 

Satin Teal Bowtie

You can also purchase the fabric to create something in your style your way! This week Spoonflower is offering a 20% discount on fabric now through October 6th. 

Etsy FabricPlease join us this month and support the cause!  

Twila 3

You can follow @teamtwila3 on Instagram to see what’s happening!

Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera! XOXO


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