Paisley Park Purse

100_3172I’ve been busy creating the Paisley Park Purse. I had to share my retake of the Polka Dot Wonder Purse and will post the tutorial next. The clutch is also a nice addition I created a while ago. I think the color combination works…Tell me what you think???

Here are some pictures of the finished purse.


The oval wooden handles help create the front and back deep pocket.  The pocket can be accessed on each side of the purse.


Here’s a view of a full purse, magazine inside and use of the pocket.


One design, and several looks.  The Polka Dot Wonder  next to Paisley Park.

What do you think?

Stay tuned there’s more to come from La Cartera!


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  1. I like that this has that bit of flair that reminds me this is a hispanic blog! I love the colors together, and the pattern has been around for a bit, so it isn`t too overwhelming.


    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you for the comment! The fabric is actually from Africa. 😉 But I do see the flair that you speak of. Instead of calling my brand “The Purse”, I choose the Spanish term “La Cartera”, I really hope to appeal to all ethnicities. 😉


      1. Yes, I do see that as well. I would never have guessed that the fabric was African in origin, though! How exciting. I`m certainly not Hispanic, African in any way, or otherwise anything but white, so I think you have succeeded in appealing to multiple ethnicities.


      2. lacartera says:

        Great!! Usually, I name the origin of the fabric, but I thought I would save it for the tutorial..(LOL) The fabric is from Accra, Ghana..I originally wanted to make a bright colored table cloth and napkins. I thought it would match nicely with the South African napkin rings some friends gave me. But now I use all material friends bring back from their travels for my purses. Because it’s all about the purse right! 😉


      3. Oh, I love the textiles from Ghana! So much color, and it is all done by hand. Fantastic! You are right, though, it is all about the purse 🙂


      4. lacartera says:

        I’m really glad you like the purse pattern/design. It’s a retro style with a new twist. “2013” 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is very, very nice. You’ve done a great job with this purse. DS


    1. lacartera says:

      Thank You! Ms. DS


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