The Latest Thread ~ LaCartera Kids and R&R

More Inspiration for LaCartera Kids! Since it’s official that my darling grand-daughter will arrive in July, this grandma has started crocheting an adorable blanket for her to enjoy for years to come.  I have settled on the colors with help from mom, but I don’t have a final design in mind so I’ve been testing out some simple but different looks….

Monkey Business- Crochet Blanket Tutorial with Crochet Monkey Applique

I’ve been monkeying around with a crochet monkey applique. Some of you are interested in the techniques I use to create my crochet blankets and crochet appliques’.  So I decided to make a general tutorial of this Toddler size blanket (53 inches wide x 46 inches length) and I included a photo video of the applique process. Now you can recreate this adorable…

Photo of the Day!

Here’s the photo of the Day!  Multitasking….enjoying the outdoors and starting another baby blanket!   Stay Tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!

LaCartera Baby Style

So what has LaCartera been up to lately?  Well, I’ve ventured into making crochet baby blankets, hats and booties since I’ve found out that I’m expecting a grandson.  I really wanted to create a LaCartera Baby Style keepsake for my first grandchild, and hopefully more to come.   Of course I have a list of…