LaCartera Baby Style

So what has LaCartera been up to lately?  Well, I’ve ventured into making crochet baby blankets, hats and booties since I’ve found out that I’m expecting a grandson.  I really wanted to create a LaCartera Baby Style keepsake for my first grandchild, and hopefully more to come.




Of course I have a list of many cute ideas for girls!  But we’re expecting a grandson and I need to use my imagination for cool boy items.   I’ve been searching for crochet patterns and designs to use, and I must admit, there are some very talented people out there with some beautiful designs.  I think I’m used to seeing immediate results when I sew a project, and it takes a bit longer to crochet a large item such as a blanket.  I’ve promised a younger cousin two blanket sets, and my son “from another mother” a baby blanket set too. Unfortunately, this will probably be the last call for any crochet items.

Here’s my practice girls baby blanket.


Here’s the after photo.


As you know I have a love for sewing and especially a love for purses.  Now I will venture into sewing baby items, but I will hang-up my crochet needles and leave the crocheting to my talented friends.  I’m willing to pay them for their talents too.  🙂

The matching baby booties and adorable appliques for the baby blankets are next on my list.  So I’ll keep you updated on the outcome of that.

Of course I’m going to make matching blankets for these booties too.  I’m so glad that the babies aren’t due until summer….


Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!

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Creative NEWS You Can USE!


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