Design Show and Master Class Favorites

Although, I didn’t see everything at the Architectural Digest Design show in New York, the vendors I did see were amazing artist.  When I wasn’t in awe of their creations I remembered to take some photos to share with you!

I met some of the artist and asked questions about their techniques and inspiration. You know the hand-painted textiles captured my attention.  I enjoyed speaking to the Creative Director of Fort Makers and wondered what techniques were used for this marvelous display that Naomi Clark hand painted.


These items were painted on silk while hanging on horizontally on the wall. Naomi not only designs, but also teaches her techniques in Brooklyn, NY.


Dusen-Dusen Home designs were bold and creative too!


Flat Venacular not only displayed their hand-drawn, hand-printed one of a kind wallpapers, but they enlisted the help of art students to color the wallpaper right before your eyes. The students used pink colored pencils to get the job done!



The next photos don’t really portray the multi-dimensional hand-painted wood wall sculptures by Canadian Artist Heather Kocsis.  She said that she starts with a photograph of a scene, cuts wood planks and hand paints the wall sculptures.




I did attend one master class where Joe Nahem of Fox-Nahem Design; HGTV star Genevieve Gorder; and Mara Miller and Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company discussed their favorite new furnishings available on the market.


The panel discussed the use of color and being eclectic and mixing metals in your home, which I think we all usually stick with one type of metal in the kitchen and bathroom. Normally brush nickel, chrome, or brass  are the metals of choice, but I can visualize the eclectic choice too.


Here are a couple of new designs that were among the Carrier and Company picks. Stikwood Just like the name says you can stick these wood panels on your wall or anywhere, but the floor.


You can create a log cabin look on any wall….


This painted design is among my favorite, but I wish I had a place to put it!


Now these carpets were interesting!  The design was rough and the plain pile was plush to the touch.



And here are a couple of fun things I saw along the way. Mark A. Perry  had lots of great items, but this display captured my attention.





Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!


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  1. I am going to check out Perry to see more.

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    1. lacartera says:

      Great! His creations are awesome.


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