What’s Your Problem With PDF Patterns? Vote in the Poll

PDF patterns are a popular convenience for the sewing enthusiast and the novice! I’ve downloaded a couple of great PDF patterns, but I’ve also heard a couple of horror stories too.  I’ve listed some of those problems in the PDF pattern poll below to understand your concerns.  If you’ve only had good experiences please let me know that as well in a comment!

Pattern Poll

I’m not trying to call out any PDF pattern creators so please don’t mention any names or companies here!

This poll closes on January 17, 2016, and is intended for all sewing levels so please select all problems that have affected you.  If I’ve missed anything that you would change please include them in the comment entries available on the poll.

Thank you for your vote!

This is helpful information to consider as I prepare my PDF patterns to share with you! So if you have only had great experiences please share what you like/love about PDF patterns below.

 Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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