Sleepy Boo-Boo Bear Crochet Applique

I’m so excited that I get to celebrate my first grandson’s baby shower today!  I started the crochet blanket months ago along with a hat.  I really had high hopes with creating a Noah’s Ark applique on the blanket, but my schedule and fear (mostly fear) stopped me in my tracks. So I crocheted a Sleepy Boo-Boo Bear applique instead.

sleppy boo-boo

I wanted to bring a little life to the blanket so I started with Google and found this bear that reminded me of a sleepy Boo-Boo Bear.  20150303_182328

 Since I can’t follow crochet instructions very well I used my creative eye to create this one!  You know my motto:

“We Create Whatever We Want!”



I just wanted to share before I go to the party. Still waiting for my little Boo-Boo to arrive!

Stay Tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!


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  1. Very beautiful creations 😀

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  2. Catherine Johnson says:


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