The La Cartera Hobo Bag Takes a Road Trip

What a lovely road trip! marciepalousefalls-21

Photo submitted by the winner of the Summer People’s Choice Giveaway!


Living in Color

As you may recall, I was recently the VERY lucky winner of La Cartera’s People’s Summer Choice Hobo Handbag.

I was so excited when I won, then I received the bag in the mail and it was BEAUTIFUL!


I love the wonderfully happy fabric (YAY COLOR) and matching zips.

In addition to the big outside pocket you can see above, there’s a smaller zippered pocket on the other side, which is the perfect size for my phone.  Handy!


And this nifty divided pocket inside:


I love that this bag has lots of zippered storage for your stuff.  I don’t know about anybody else, but my bags tend to take a far amount of rough treatment–I bang them into things, drop them on the floor, haul them onto trains, planes, and automobiles– and it’s nice to know I’m not going to lose anything important.

So I took the bag on its…

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