Boho Chic 2014-Hit or Miss; Fab or Drab?


Although, things may not turn out the way you would like ~ sometimes they turn out better than you expect! That’s my new motto inspired by the Boho Chic 2014… So, please tell me if you think it’s a Hit or Miss; Fab or Drab?

Last year I designed this Boho Chic tote bag with warm brown colors. I really love this fabric and sold some of the totes this past mothers day too.


I had to ask one customer to delay ordering the tote bag for nearly a month, because I was traveling to Asia…The customer did return and wanted to place the order this month. I was ecstatic that out of all of the tote bags on the market, she would wait for my design.  At this time I noticed that I only had scraps of the fabric leftover,  and that’s when I found out that the fabric is no longer available.  You can imagine the frustration to find that your fabric is no longer available! Now I’m scrambling to find fabric that could give me a similar look.  There were a couple of sleep deprive nights, but I’m so happy the customer understood my dilemma, and agreed to one of the fabric choices I was able to find.

new fabric
Fabric swatch: Blue, tan, & red
New fabric 1
Fabric swatch: Green, brown & red

That was only the beginning of the problems I  encountered while making the tote bag!

First I had to wait seven days for the manufacture to mail the fabric to me, because it’s not available in stores???  In the middle of constructing the bag I notice that I didn’t have enough snaps to complete the project… Well the fabric store is near my home so I stop what I’m doing and buy extra snaps to have on hand.  That was a good thing to do, because after I began to sew around the tabs I messed up the stitching and the presser foot pops off one of the snaps!  OMG!!!… As I try to improve the stitches the thread jams and I’m left with one big mess.  I can’t give the customer that! I gather myself and begin to cut out two more tabs for the straps. I accidentally move the rotary cutter out of my way with my pinky finger, not once but twice.  Needless to say I cut my finger twice. 😦  (Note: Always put the guard on the rotary blade when not in use.)

Lastly, I didn’t make it to the Post Office on the day it was to be shipped. Once I had a moment to stop and look at what I created…I wanted to keep the bag for myself.  I think it turned out great and I mailed the order the next day. Now the Boho Chic tote bag is reborn! 🙂

What do you think?  Is it a Hit or Miss? Fab or Drab?

20140816_100906 (1)
Boho Chic ~ front, with decorative snaps and micro fiber straps.
Boho Chic ~ Bottom of tote bag
Boho Chic ~ two inside pockets, attached key fob, and magnetic snap.


Wow… A labor of love and passion. I’ve learned to never give up because of despair or frustration, because you’re probably closer to victory than you think!

Stay Tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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  1. I think it is a hit! I like the fabric and I especially like the sturdy straps. I am a tote bag junkie and have many cute, roomy bags, but with floppy fabric straps. These are not nearly as comfortable if you load the bag up with anything heavy. Very nice work!


    1. lacartera says:

      Awesome! Thank you so much. I love your saying “tote bag junkie”…I may have to use that! 😀 I agree that it’s hard to find a good strap..I usually experience pain from straps when I go shopping and load stuff in the tote bag too.


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