Boho Chic 2014-Hit or Miss; Fab or Drab?

Although, things may not turn out the way you would like ~ sometimes they turn out better than you expect! That’s my new motto inspired by the Boho Chic 2014… So, please tell me if you think it’s a Hit or Miss; Fab or Drab? Last year I designed this Boho Chic tote bag with warm brown colors….

Searching for Treasures in Asia – part 5

While searching for treasures in Malaysia at the Central Market, I found the most delightful young lady, and purse designer named Emmy! Emmy is a kiosk owner of 💜 absolutely Emmy💜 and her purse designs are absolutely adorable! Emmy decided to leave her 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. job to pursue her handmade handbag dreams in…

A New Adventure for LaCartera!

The Bedford, VA boutique closed this week, and it’s time for a new adventure for LaCartera!  This is not a sad or disappointing time for me, because I gave it a try, and the location was not a good fit for my product.  Since the opening of that location, I’ve sold more on Etsy, and to clients in the Washington, D.C….