The Latest Thread – Sewing, Textile Designs & Crafts

Sewing, designing textiles and ordering fabric swatches have been at the top of my list during the last couple of weeks!  I had time to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family and I hope you had a happy time too! So far everything is on track to finish some of the projects that I have to get done before Christmas. So here’s the latest weekly thread…

Sewing, Textiles Designs

I finished the Etsy orders and had time to create two handbag prototypes that you may have seen posted here and are  now available on Etsy too! I came up with a creative solution to losing my favorite giraffe print fabric sold exclusively through Jo-Ann Fabrics Store. I design several giraffe print options and will approve the swatches this week.  You know I  add a little twist to everything and these designs are no different.

So it’s time to say goodbye and farewell to a print that served me well for a couple of years!

I have added two new handbag designs and will begin to incorporate my textiles to these designs soon. These prototypes are in my Etsy shop now.

One happy customer shared his photo and love for the Dallas Cowboys!


Textile Designs

I have ordered my fabric from Spoonflower and next week is curtain week! I have one custom order for kitchen curtains and I will finally have time to sew curtains for my kitchen and a shower curtain too! It will be nice to use the textiles I created over the summer and fall! I also ordered one special piece for me and my next handbag!

Roostery Sale

There’s a pop up sale now through Monday and free shipping on orders over $99 for shipments for Christmas. Read more here…


So What Have you Created Lately?

I know all of my crafty friends have created some fabulous things this week! If you need some inspiration or want to share your creations stop by and join us for the weekly Design-O-Rama craft link-up!  The link is open every Tuesday -Saturday!  Read more here…

Crafty Design-O-Rama cover-23

Family Time

After the cooking, cleaning , eating and fun during Thanksgiving, the family visited the Gross Apple Orchard in Bedford, Virginia.  This orchard is my favorite not only for the apples, but the other homemade items sold there like apple butter, strawberry preserves, flavorings, fresh apple cider, kettle corn, peanut brittle, and fudge!  I couldn’t wait to taste the fudge so a bite is missing !!








 Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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