Sewing Tip: What’s a Straight Stitch Foot?

Do you find that you can’t keep your stitches straight? Do find that the regular sewing machine foot is a little to wide to maneuver in-between or around sewing obstacles spaces? Well I found that these problems disappear when I use the straight stitch foot!

So what is a Straight Stitch Foot? It provides a guide for you and your stitches! There are three guidelines on the foot that help you stay focused on your stitches.   I’ve actually used this foot many times in unexpected ways. Straight Stitch Foot

First I wanted to ensure that my stitches were straight when I wanted have a quilted look to my oven mitts.  I used a pre-quilted batting for the mitts, but I wanted to make sure my lines showed up super straight on the top side where it can be seen.

Straight Stitch Foot

I used the stitches as a guide, which sounds easy to do with a regular foot, but if you sew you know that sometimes it not always the case. I used the inner guide on the foot to follow the original stitches since the needle opening is narrow it helps you keep your stitches straight!

Straight Stitch Foot Used on Oven Mitts

So with not too much effort, I was able to keep the stiches straight and noticed that some of the original stitches I used as a guide weren’t that straight too.

The last great use is that the straight stitch foot is slim and helped me sew around my magnetic snap along the final trim stitches on this bag.  As you can see this was a tight squeeze and a wider foot wouldn’t have made it!!

Straight Stitch Foot

I have to admit that although I purchased the multifunctional Kit with 32 presser feet over the summer and the straight stitch foot is my absolute favorite! Okay one down and 31 more feet to go!

Here’s the set that I purchased that includes the straight stitch foot and the link.

I purchased this set for my personal use. I am an *affiliate of Amazon if you buy a product mentioned here I will receive a small commission on your purchase.   (Thank you in advance for supporting to this blog.)


LEMONBEST Professional 32 Pcs Domestic Sewing Machine Presser Walking Foot Set For Brother, Babylock, Singer, Janome, Elna, Toyota, New Home, Simplicity, Necchi, Kenmore, and White Low Shank Sewing Machines

Do you have a helpful sewing tip that has saved you time, money & frustration ?

Love to sew

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  1. Good advice Sheila and one day I will buy this set through your site 🙂


    1. lacartera says:

      Awww Irene, thank you! I know that you don’t have much time to sew with all of new additions to your jewelry and specialty shops! 😀

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      1. I love to sew Sheila, I just have difficult to find the time for sewing upstairs, what I’m doing now. When things settle a little down, I will start sewing again and then I will need these, as I know also will support you, if I buy through your link.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lacartera says:

        I appreciate you! 😙😙😙

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