The Latest Thread – Sewing, Shopping, Textile Design and Design Challenge

This week I created a laptop bag for myself, found a sewing/quilting expo nearby in September, received my fat quarter designs, became an Instagram sensation and I still need your vote for my latest Spoonflower design challenge with Betabrand! So here’s the latest weekly thread…

Sewing Expo, Sewing Textiles, and  Textile Designs

The Sewing Expo is coming to Fredericksburg, Virginia! I’m so excited about attending my first Sewing Expo in September!  I haven’t decided on the classes I want to attend yet, but the vendors and fashion shows sound very exciting!  If you’re in the area you should think about attending! Read more here….

Federickburg Sewing Expo


Here’s a peek at my laptop bag that I desperately need.  I’m planning to put together a quick tutorial and PDF pattern after I get my measurements together.  My laptop has a 17″ screen so I wanted a sung fit and an inside slip pocket, but I didn’t take into account the top recessed zipper opening.  Needless to say I have to add a longer zipper.  Let me just say that I hate pulling out the seam ripper to undo my work!!!  I used pre-quilted fabric so there’s no need for a lining and I will offer options in different sizes….



 Textile Designs

The Orange Sunshine Collection looks amazing!  I took advantage of the Spoonflower BOGO fat quarter sale and now I can really get a sense of how I’m going to mix and match the patterns. I ordered two designs in a faux suede and they are lush and look very soft even in the photo!   See more here …

Orange Sunshine Collection - Fat Quarter's

Textile Challenge

Please take a moment to vote for my XOXO plaid entry! The voting ends on July 26th! Vote here…

You can see my design entry below.



Here’s my entry for the Spoonflower and Betabrand design challenge.  I became an over-night sensation on Instagram this week!  I wish I could convert some of these likes into votes, but it’s nice to see the people appreciate the effort.  By the way this is the highlight of my week and the like’s keep coming!

 What’s coming this next week:

  • Design Challenge
  • Helpful Sewing Tip

Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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