The Latest Thread – PDF Pattern, Textile Design Challenge, & Shopping for Textiles

This week the PDF tester’s have been keeping me on my toes! I ordered my textile swatches, a little fabric for myself, and I’m thinking about entering the latest Spoonflower design challenge. I looked up this week and noticed most of my Etsy listing have expired, and I’ve been trying to keep up with my cool crafting friends. So here’s the latest thread!

PDF Pattern, Textile Design Challenge, & Shopping for Textiles

My PDF testers are making sure you receive a great pattern that’s easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow! I love these ladies and it’s great to get out of my on head to make sure I release a great product!  I must admit learning Adobe Illustrator and InDesign has been a challenge! Although, I thought it would make my life easier, the class has actually made my patterns and tutorials better. Eventually I will have the templates in place to move through the process without a second, third or fourth glance.  I definitely have more respect for those who create good PDF patterns and the work that it takes to create them! (Exhausting but Enjoyable!!)

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the textiles and work that the group has shared!

Textile Design Challenge

There’s a new Spoonflower design challenge that’s a bit different, but sparked my creative intellect!  SF-Storypatches-Contest-HOMEBLOCK-enterThis challenge sponsored by StoryPatches Family Tree seeks 4 coordinating designs that celebrate family, in all of its forms. StoryPatches is building a collection of interactive labels that allow photos, video and audio to add another dimension of your story to your next handmade project. The winning coordinate design will be licensed for an exclusive set of StoryPatches labels.

Story Patches for quilts! Awesome!! Designs are due by June 17th.  I think I’ll make the deadline.  You click on the photo or you can read more here…

Shopping for Textiles

I’m a little behind in placing my order for my design swatches on Spoonflower, but I got them ordered and then chose a couple of yards for myself.  So I’ll have  the Orange Sunshine, and Summer Dream collection available for sale in my shop by June 14th.

Here are couple popular designs this week from my Instagram page this week!

What’s coming this week:

  • Hit or Miss?
  • Sewing Tip – How to Apply Bias Tape V-Neck
  • Spoonflower Contest – Challenge

Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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