The Latest Thread – Textiles & Patterns

This week I’ve been frantically preparing my submission for a contest, started  a pattern slopper for a pajama shirt for the grand-baby, found more great finds on the web, did a little fabric shopping and was selected to submit a Guest Post to one of my favorite blogs. So here’s the latest weekly thread!

Textiles, Pattern and Shopping for Textiles

I’ve been trying to create a textile to submit for the Spoonflower challenge before April 19th.


Spoonflower  has partnered with Sprout Patterns for the April Design Challenge, the first in their new series  Spoonflower + Sprout are looking to find the perfect Japanese Garden-inspired design for a new sewing pattern release by Named Clothing! – See more here

Working with the broad cloth has been challenging, but my poplin fabric arrived this week and now I feel confident that I will come up with some good prints. I’ll need your vote soon!

Here are a couple of popular prints I posted on Instagram.

Pattern – Slooper

Figuring out the cervical height and the other measurements drove me insane while I had a head cold.


I’ve been working on a pajama top slopper for my grandson and, it was a little frustrating to create when your customer is not there for the fitting. Since he’s visiting me this weekend I can get it done! Once it’s completed I can upload it to Adobe Illustrator to work on the PDF pattern and grading.


Shopping for Textiles

I had to buy more fleece fabric for my pajama top at *JoAnn Fabric and my poplin fabric arrived from *.  The  Spoonflower swatches and color guide for $2.00 is really a must have when ordering fabrics, because there’s a swatch for every type of fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper they sell.


Fleece fabrics are still on sale at *JoAnn Fabric


(*Amazon & JoAnn Fabric affiliate links to the products I’ve used are listed below. I  will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  This is how I keep my blog site free to you and continue to expand my brand.  I really appreciate if you use my links when/if you decide to make a purchase. Thank you!)

 Amazon – Kaufman Organic Poplin PFD Bleached White Fabric

Find thousands of craft supplies online!

What’s coming this next week:

  • Spoonflower Contest – Challenge
  • New Textile Prints
  • Hit or Miss – Baby Style
  • Helpful Sewing Tip for Sewing Canvas

Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!



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