Handmade Craft Features – Week #15

Check out Week #15 Handmade Craft Features!

 Kreative Doting has been very busy creating these spectacular projects with tutorials.  Click on the photos to view the link to the projects.

Pin these ideas for later!


Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Swathi says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me! 🙂 I am so excited!

    1. lacartera says:

      You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing wonderful projects.

  2. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    Cute stuff!

    1. lacartera says:

      Oh yes!! Lots of crafts to to try! The scented candles look like a really cool project to try out!

      1. tunisiajolyn84 says:

        You’re determined to make me crafty. lol

      2. lacartera says:

        Hahahaha! I noticed that too! LOL It must be your creative vibe. 🙂

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