Sewing Tip- Kraft Tex Paper Fabric

Have you Ever Heard of Kraft Tex?

So Sew Easy explores the versatility of Kraft Tex, which is described as a paper fabric designed to be used in all sorts of mixed media, paper crafting, and sewing projects.When crumpled and washed or soaked, then it takes on a leather-like appearance and is ideal for creating bags, wallets, tags, embellishments and the like. See Debbie’s test results in the video below and check out the test result photos and project ideas she shares here…

Is there a product, or a special technique that you want to share?  Submit your sewing tip here for a featured spot!

Stay tuned there’s more to come from La Cartera!

Creative NEWS You Can USE!
Creative NEWS You Can USE!



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  1. I haven’t heard about this before 🙂

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    1. lacartera says:

      It’s fairly new to me too. I first noticed this during the summer.

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