PDF Pattern Workshop #2

As most of you know I’ve been engrossed in the PDF Pattern Workshop, so if your missing new unique handbag creations from me this is the reason why. Don’t worry I am keeping track of all of my ideas and full-filling my Etsy orders for the holiday. You will be thrilled of the new creations and the ability to download a Free PDF pattern and tutorial from me soon.


So far I’ve been learning Adobe Illustrator, which the instructor has made it super easy to follow and to learn at my own pace. She focuses on the shortcuts I need to know and master in order to digitize my patterns.  I’ve tried learning from the extremely technical Adobe videos and some YouTube videos, but that was frustrating to me and I gave up.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m still so excited about being able to use the program that I’ve fought against for so long. I like that I can follow along with my tablet and perform the functions on my laptop.

Looking forward

I know many of you realized that most of the standard sizes don’t fit properly, but what I didn’t realize is that there are so many other body measurements that you need to consider when creating a pattern too.  My measurements are all over the place when it comes to the standard.  But that’s another story… I will share my block draft pattern with you next week and how to create one.


You remember my pattern organizer….I have so many hand-drawn patterns to choose from its difficult to decide, which hand-drawn pattern will be my first to turn into a PDF???  I feel like I just arrived at astronaut training camp and within the second week I’m ready to go into outer space…. There are so many bags, skirts, jackets, kid clothes I want to draft and sew that my mind is racing all of the time.  This workshop has me ready to get started on them all and I’ve only completed %20 of the class. I’m trying to stay calm and focused.

Here are some of my new favorite things I’ve picked up for the class and I’ll tell you more about them in a couple of days.



Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!





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