Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine Review Update


The holiday is approaching and I know some of you are looking to buy a new sewing machine.  Nearly two years ago I purchased the Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine and now I can give you an update on my purchase.  I spent hours comparing the features and details of some of the Brother sewing machines to ensure that I choose the right one.  I needed a machine that would handle bulky fabrics when I made handbags and I thought that I may give quilting a try too.

I was still a little skeptical, but after discussing my needs with my auntie (the master seamstress) forced me to really think about what I was going to sew (handbags of course), what problems I had with my old machine, and what features I thought I may need in the future.  She was absolutely correct!



Here’s a list of the best features of the machine and since there’s nothing horribly bad about the machine I have listed the features that I choose to live with…

The Best Features

  • The oversized removable quilting table comes in handy for my large tote bags and when you remove the table you have a nice free-arm to wrap a tote bag around that gives you the freedom to control the tote bag as you make your finishing seams on the top of the bag.

  • I  thought the quilting foot would help me finish all of the bulky handbags, but I found that I didn’t need it when I used the little black button that keeps the presser foot level.  I did use the quilting foot once to try a quilting technique on a handbag and it worked nicely.

  • The computerized control panel with stitch selections and buttonhole stitches are automatic.

  • Approximately 140 decorative stitches. (I’ve used most of them and now have my favorites.)

  • No oil needed – The instructions suggest vacuuming the feed dog and bobbin casing to remove thread strands and debris.  I try to do this twice a year.

  • The automatic start and stop sewing button does the trick so there is really no need for the foot controller – I don’t use the foot controller anymore.

  •  Monogram projects are simple and easy to create and once you program a name it stops automatically on the last letter.

Things I can Live With

  • I’m still not too keen on changing the presser foot when I want to change a stitch, but I had to get use to that idea when I broke the bar on the overcasting foot, because I forgot to change it. (ugh)

  • Monogram font is one style and one size approximately 1″ inch.

  • There is only one negative point for me, and that is the lighting that comes with the machine. It’s not as bright as I would like, but I can’t see as far as I used to see either. I have a sewing lamp to help me see.

 All in all I’m very satisfied with the Brother XR9500PRW. Since I decide to write this post I also noticed that the cost of this machine is now half the price I paid two years ago. And I would buy it again!  Now I’m researching the Brother Embroidery machines to add to my wish list this year!

I hope this was helpful and you can read more about my first impression in my first review… Happy Sewing!

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  1. Your machine sounds to be good 🙂
    I have a Brother embroidery machine too, don’t remember the name, it is about 8 years old and it is a very good machine too.

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    1. lacartera says:

      I love my Brother! I found that some of the embroidery machines work with a larger embroidery space than others. Do you remember the largest hoop size you can use with your machine?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know the largest size, because I haven’t used time enough to learn all the functions yet.

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      2. lacartera says:

        Oh….we have to change that. 😊

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      3. Yes, we have. I have been busy with so many thing, specially my jewelry creating, so I have mostly used my machine for repairs and sewing simple clothe. This will change, when I find a little more abundance 😀


      4. lacartera says:

        Well your jewelry making comes first. Every piece I’ve seen is so beautiful. So I’ll give you a break. 🙂

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      5. Thank you very much 😉

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