Handbag Junkie Winner!

The People’s Summer Choice Handbag!


The Winner is: Living in Color

Everyone, Thank you for participating in the People’s Summer Choice Handbag!  I will definitely have a “People’s Fall Choice” too!  In the meantime look forward to seeing the hobo handbag, the second and third place handbags to appear here, and on Etsy.  A PDF pattern and tutorial is on the horizon as well!

Congratulations to the winner and have a great summer!

Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!

Creative NEWS You Can USE!
Creative NEWS You Can USE!


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  1. Thimberlina says:

    Congratulations to Sth!! I’m having hand bag envy 😀


  2. Hi there! I’ve tried to e-mail you twice and my messages keep bouncing back–wanted to let you know I received the bag on Monday and IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much! Will post pics soon!

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    1. lacartera says:

      I’m so happy you received it and especially pleased that you like it! Can’t wait to see the pictures! I took a break over the weekend and my email box is out of control. ☺ I’m working on cleaning it out now.

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