Searching for Treasures in Asia – part 3

So many textiles so little time!  With more than 20 textile shops on Arab Street, Singapore, I am on the lookout for the unusual prints that I would never find at my local fabric store.  Each fabric shop has its own niche. image Looking through bolts of fabrics is a blast. I’m in love with cotton fabrics.  The selections for cotton textiles were from Japan to Georgia, USA. PhotoGrid_1400372678538 image Here’s some of my favorite picks coming home with me: image image image Of course I can’t leave out Asia’s super luxurious silk textiles.  Some shops carry Italian silk and linen fabrics for a nominal cost of $175 Singapore Dollars. image Doesn’t this silk draped over the maniquen look fabulous? image Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera!


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  1. I love the shops on Arab Street, I go there for bead shopping sometimes. But I don’t like being hassled by the shopkeepers! Hope you enjoyed the area, it’s a nice place to wander.


    1. lacartera says:

      There were only a couple of shops that didn’t want to negotiate, until I started walking away! The Persian’s love to haggle. ..It’s in their DNA. 😊


      1. Oh yes, it definitely is! I still haven’t bought a rug yet though…


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