Searching for Treasures in Asia – part 1

My search for Treasures in Asia immediately led me to Arab Street in Singapore!  Those of you who follow me know that it’s all about the “purse” and textiles for me.  Arab Street is known for textiles and restaurants!  So it would be the most unlikely place to find a very unique artisan specializing in old-world lacquer techniques. image Khim’s Collections at The Preferred Gallery located on 13 Bussorah Street, Singapore, is just that place.  It looked like a shop you would definitely find in China town and the only two-story shop I noticed.   I asked one of the shop employees to tell me what’s up stairs?   Expecting him to tell me that it’s more of the same, he quickly responded …. “you will find things that are not on this floor”.  I laughed and my curiosity led me upstairs.   To my amazement the shop owner and artist kept his most prized possessions there…  The cabinets and large paintings range from 488 to 988 (Singapore Dollars).

Here’s a look at some of those hand painted lacquered pieces I would definitely take home with me if I could! image All of the creations are one of a kind!  It was explained to me that it’s difficult to duplicate any piece of art, so all items are unique.   All of my creative friends can definitely relate to  this aspect of handmade creations!image There are several smaller works that were block prints and sealed with lacquer on sale for 10 to 20 (Singapore Dollars). imageI will post more creatve finds from this artist and unique finds on Arab Street.  Stay tuned there’s more to come from LaCartera,

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