Sneak Peek Friday’s

 Here’s a sneak peek into the world of La Cartera! 

New design ideas for the weekend, special events, and first words.

Special Event


Follower Giveaway ~Follower Giveaway~ Follower Giveaway !

Hurray!! The giveaway begins March 9,2013.  I will post the rules at midnight tonight (Eastern standard time) to give the International participants a chance to enter.  I will repost on March 10,2013, which is the last day to enter.  Follow me on Facebook if you want to receive a sneak peek at the giveaway question to get a head start on the giveaway rules!

I will announce one lucky follower as the winner on March 11th.  Good Luck and have fun!

Creative Designs100_3126

I was a little disappointed this week with only one snow day, but at least I was able to finish  two purses.  It feels like I’m always behind on sewing and posting on WordPress.  I guess my to do list is too long.

Here’s a peek of one of the finished purses.  It’s a full size fold over clutch with a recessed zipper and snap closure.  Not to mention the tassel on the front of the closure.  I think it’s pretty swanky and artsy.  I haven’t named the purse yet, but if you think of one let me know!

So I guess I’ve gotta show my efforts in my second design100_3172 too… This color combo was inspired by one of the first clutches I made which, is shown next to the purse. Because, I enjoyed making the “Polka Dot Wonder Purse”  I had to make another purse using the black wooden handles.  This is definitely a nice addition to a white, red, blue or black outfit!

Both of the purses will be featured in  separate posts, and the orange clutch will come with a tutorial.

This weekend my “plan” is to make two cute small spring totes using pastel colors.  I also want to make a fabulous large tote bag.  I’ve got plans and high hopes that’s for sure!

First Words

Since this is a new adventure for me, I think it’s only fitting to end with the first words I’ve spoken while on this adventure, instead of last words for the Sneak Peek Friday’s postings.

This week my first words are: If you’re going to make purses you definitely need to make your own handles too!  Making your own beaded handles, and rope handles saves a ton of money.  I’ve got instructions so we’ll see what happens.  By the way, did you check out the photos of the purses?  They are courtesy of my DIY photo box, I think my photo’s are starting to look better, and better!  I’ve ordered a photo box from amazon.  But I needed one now for my photo’s for Etsy, and it was fun to make from a box 24 x 24 x 16 inches, a cheap white shower curtain, and duck tape.  My husband is still upset with me using his duck tape, but I would do it again.  (LOL)

Stay tuned there’s more to come from La Cartera!


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  1. mischievouseyez says:

    i love the purse design and colour 🙂


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