New Etsy Store!

Please take a look! A new Etsy store just opened. If you’re looking for cute earrings this is the place..

Out of The Hat

My Store, She is Sad.

So, I have looked more closely at other shops, (March 21, ’13)and I`ve been remembering the saying: If you aren`t moving forward, you are sliding backward. And my shop, while not a complete failure, is not exactly hopping. So, in an effort to improve things, I`m pulling together a lot more merchandise and variety, so I can get the sales really hopping!

I Opened a Store

I feel this will channel some of my creative energy, so I`m not distracting you all with three posts a day,like I did in January! Crazy trend. The only way I`ve been able to combat it so far is by putting the extra posts which aren`t time sensitive on a schedule. It got so bad, I had to push posts forward and ended up with scheduled posts for the majority of January! It seems lately I have gone in…

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  1. It`s stuff like this that makes me feel so loved πŸ™‚

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