Sneak Peek Friday’s

 Here’s a sneak peek into the world of La Cartera!

New design ideas for the weekend, special events, accomplishments, and a sneak peek into this weeks survey results.

What’s Happening in the Polls


This is the first time that all categories are tied???? I would like to thank everyone who participates in the poll surveys, it helps me figure out what’s popular with you. Your opinion does matter to me. Thanks for your support!  The poll closes on Monday, February 4, 2013, to cast your vote click on the link here This Old Purse Survey

Creative Designs

Valentine’s purse fabric

This weekend I’ve decided to get started on a Valentine’s (every) day purse. Of course it will be red!  I don’t think it’s too early??  Also, I’m excited about my quilting adventure, that I hope to  incorporate into my purse designs.  I’ve got all my materials so there’s no excuse if there’s snow this weekend.

Taking a closer look at my “Urban Summer” purse design, I’ve decided to change the purse handles.  Since this is the last step to the tutorial, I will have it completed before part three of the tutorial.  I must say that I’m still excited and looking forward to the many surprises of creating that perfect must have purse.  I think there are so many designs in my head right now that it’s difficult to concentrate on just one idea.  Sunday, I will reveal the outcome of this weeks bright ideas.  🙂

Special Weekend Event


The Blog Party hosted by  Everything under the sun and more is here!  Click on the link to check out some of the great blogs and have fun!

First Words

This is officially the end of my first month blogging.  I’ve reached my goals of 100 subscribers, 100 likes for my postings, and I’ve made over 100 comments during the month.  Thank you to all of my subscribers! I wish I could give everyone a big HUG!  I am excited and motivated by your interest in my purse designs/craft.  This reminds me of the  movie : “Julie & Julia” except I’m creating purses. 🙂

You can now find my designs on along with other crafters’.  I haven’t listed anything for sale yet.  But, stay tuned for more by La Cartera!


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