Upcycle Biker/Trucker Wallet

Using a $7 thrift store find, I have upcycled a (like) leather jacket to a Biker/Trucker wallet.  I love the look! Tell me what you think.

Wallet Front
Wallet Front
Wallet Back
Wallet Back
Inside Wallet
Inside Wallet


Of course the (look like ) leather is not the best fabric to work with.  It feels smooth to the touch.  I would even say that my sewing machine rejeted the fabric too.  But working with the material taught me a valuable lesson “Use Leather”.   I didn’t realize that the coat wasn’t leather until I started cutting the jacket and sewing.  The fabric barely stayed under the presser foot.  I guess I can’t say enough how much I didn’t like the material.

Like this post and I will post the tutorial. Stay tuned for more from La Cartera!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gabriela says:

    how exactly trouble did you have wit this job? you writed -The fabric barely stayed under the presser foot.-
    what you mean with this sentens?

    1. lacartera says:

      It was because of the faux leather material..there was no grain to keep the needle in place…It was just such a smooth and soft material when you try to sew on top of it, the materal would slide out of place. It was also very tough for me to sitch a straight line.

      1. Gabriela says:

        you could try sewing with two perga papers, put in faux leather in between.

      2. lacartera says:

        Great idea! I definitely gave up on this one….LOL. A little bit of machine oil should work too.

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