The Weekend Bag- Is it a Hit or Miss?

Hello handbag junkies, my favorite time of the week is here… It’s Hit or Miss time!

Here’s a custom order I recently finished. This job required 20hrs to complete, but the end result is well worth it.  I upcycled a leather jacket and combined the fabric to match one of the tote bags I made two years ago.

What do you think? Is it a Hit or Miss? Fab or Drab?

PinThe fully lined bag has an open end zipper to allow full access to the inside of the bag. It’s 22 inches wide x 19 inches length.  The bottom of the bag is leather fused with a stabilizer to give you a sturdy bottom.


She’s packed and ready to go!


What do you think?  is it a Hit or Miss?  Fab or Drab?

Here’s the matching tote bag and wallet in my Etsy shop.


Stay tuned there’s more to come from La Cartera!

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Thimberlina says:

    A Hit! But for 20 hours I’d really want to wear it and not carry it! 🙂

    1. lacartera says:

      Hahaha! Thank you for the hit! Yes I love instant gratification too and 20hrs on anything takes a toll on you. At least I was able to spread the love over time. 👜💜

  2. This bag is a hit, very beautiful and usable 😀

    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you! I hope it gets plenty of use. 😀

      1. I’m sure it will. This bag looks SO great 😉

  3. A Hit, hands down. It takes a little time and love to become fab. 🙂 Love the colors, leather and metal zipper.

    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you! This one was a labor of love/hate and now I’ve created a pattern for a matching set.

      1. Next month I’ll be visiting you on etsy!

      2. lacartera says:

        I look forward to it. 😀

  4. Gina Wamsley says:

    Definitely a hit! Great job!

  5. STH says:

    Looks great and those dimensions sound just right; I made a weekend bag last week and it could have used the extra couple inches you’ve got in yours!

    1. lacartera says:

      Thank you! Did you post a picture of the bag? I would love to see it!

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