Sneak Peek Friday’s

 Here’s a sneak peek into the world of La Cartera!

What’s Happening in the Polls


Here’s Poll Daddy’s sneak peek results of  – “Does your purse size really matter”.  As of today the answer sweeping the lead is ……Purse size doesn’t matter.  The poll closes on Monday, January 21,2013, so cast your vote here. Your vote will help me with a marketing plan!

Creative Designs

$7 Leather Jacket
$7 Leather Jacket

Someone’s trash is my treasure trove. I found this leather jacket for $7 at my local thrift store.  Per a special request from my Facebook friend and blog follower – I will repurpose it to create a man’s biker wallet. Thank you for the challenge! The big reveal will be on Monday, along with a surprise design.

Special Weekend Event


Online Blogger Party…YAY!! Stay tuned and I’ll provide more info.

First Words

2839v3-max-450x450[1] 2755v30-max-450x450[1]

As my passion for creating/designing purses grows stronger, my baby steps towards Etsy get a little closer. This week I’ve created a Twitter account and joined an Etsy community. Wow…working full time,sewing, designing and blogging for 18 days, I may never cook again! Dont tell my hubby. 🙂

Does the work get easier?


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