Last Day to Vote on “Color My Purse Beautiful” Poll

Your opinion matters! If i colored your purse, what color would you choose? Vote here. Today is the last day to vote. Results revealed tomorrow.

LaCartera Designs

While I was being molded into a young lady, I noticed that my mother either carried a black purse or a brown purse.  The purse would match her shoes too.  Come to think of it, no one that I can remember carried a bright-colored purse. I think it was just the sign of the times.  In fact I still shy away from white purses today.  At the end of the day, I think most of us just want to fit in with the crowd.  So I looked like everyone else.Now that’s it’s a new day we all want to stand out and be different.  We show our individuality in the way we dress and if the corporate boys won’t allow that, then we are left to flaunt our purses.

If I colored your purse beautiful what color would it be? Cast your vote (multiple choices are available).

If I missed your favorite color please…

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7 Comments Add yours

      1. jgann22 says:

        🙂 Yay for purple !


      2. lacartera says:

        I’ll take note. 🙂


      3. jgann22 says:

        ok, and was this where I was supposed to vote at ? Or was there a separate link? I was a little confused!


      4. lacartera says:

        This is the reblogged page, continue to the link or read more and you will see the survey. But your answer is also good here!


      5. jgann22 says:

        oh, ok 🙂 Thanks !


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